22 September, 2009

Rounder than mooncakes

Juz came back from final delivery of mooncakes & ROM pics to Ah Yee's place... This year we got Intercontinental ones for everyone... including the snowskin ones... since MIL raved n raved about the ones we got her last year...
Sampled alot of mooncakes at Tampines Mall & Century Square.. still feel Intercon is the best lah... Haiyo im really getting auntier and auntier .___.

tacky packaging =.="

'red lotus double' & 'white lotus double'

'sweet potato w champagne choc' & 'chempedek' & 'avocado mango'

Noticed that this year's mooncakes seem alot cheaper... All the 5* hotel mooncakes are ard $50... which is liek... way lower than before.... taste-wise still same same leh... Ok so... hang qing really ish bu hao nehz....

After Ah Yee's place went Old Airport Road to makan dinner... been a while since i went there.... 2 of us ordered 4 dishes... eat until wanna pok zhar...
There is this 717 pastry/cake shop there... and Ah lao got some durian crepes and puffs for Mummy.... xiaoshun101 xD

Whitley Rd Big Prawn Noodles

Lao Fu Zi Char Kway Tiao

Liver & Kidney Soup (from previous Bugis MRT Bak Kut Teh shop)

something-Ah-Soon Fried Oysters

Burpingly His,