27 September, 2009

Went to meet Ah Lao after the course briefing... and I managed to find the Children's Day presents at The Arcade..... Yippee!

It's so weird that nowadays it is easier to get stuff in the middle of Raffles Place rather than in neighbourhood shopping centres... yes even for things like stationery and children's gifts =.=

Managed to get 30 boxes of 12pc non-toxic jumbo crayons; 13 boxes in pink, and 17 boxes in blue ;)... But they do not have enough stock on hand, so will need Ah Lao to help me collect the order on Monday... Got the gift bags and butterfly tags there too...


8am - 2pm : Work
3.30pm - 5.30pm : Nap
7pm - Midnight : Shopping & dinner with Ah Lao after he knocked off...

Darling got me 2 Puma jackets as my 'start-course' presents at TampinesOne.... tho tweettt......  After which went Giant Tampines and got some barangs... and he bought yet another pillow =.=|||


Tomorrow (uhh.. later today) evening will be celebrating Zhen Yong's 2nd bdae at UOB building... doubt can see any F1 action though.. cos we'll be on the 60th storey... mabbe can see red/black/blue/etc 'ants' zipping by...  zzzzzz....
(NTS : charge camera batt...)

k... think i go catch the 2nd half of Fulham vs Wenger's silly team (or silly Wenger's team)... hopefully can catch some fun moments and watch the beak-nose get sent off again xD