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02 May, 2010

Watch It & Eat 'Em Up

Got the Man his bdae gift.. a sapphire-glass Casio gold label chronograph tachymeter EFE-500D-7AVDF... Really quite cool with the preset time zones n other incomprehensible functions..

Had the craving for Astons so came back to Bedok for it.... Yummilicious i might add...

Hearty Gift

The Man got necklace for me "Heart-shaped de oh", he said. Angry. xD

25 April, 2010

Love Bites

Ai xin wan can, complimentary of the Man.

Always holding the key to my soul.

09 April, 2010

Fast Relief

Terrible times call for drastic measures... Let loose and pig out.

Botak Jones beckons.

Amidst the comfort food & friendly service, we finally have the time to sit down and eat to our hearts' content. With the juices of delicious food, the conversation flowed. Ahhhhh... exactly what we needed.

Simple pleasures.

05 April, 2010

Revisiting Penang

Made a quick visit to Penang again in March with the hubby. Was trying to escape mentally from the upcoming exam. Basically went there n tanned out, stuffed my face, and emptied my mind.

Dunno why i didnt seem to feel the relief i was craving for. Maybe cos at the not-so-back of my mind, i know there are still endless things to do, and for the hubby too, he is facing such tremendous pressure. In any case, we still got to do stuff together there, which is more than what i can say for our demoralising, stressful routines here. Sometimes, you juz need time to BE together.

Took Jetstar to Bayan Lepas on a 7am+ flight to make the most of the trip. After a quick breakfast at the 'batamy' airport, we headed straight for Queensbay Mall using our 7-day Rapid passport. Queensbay Mall, facing the Penang Bridge and a stretch a white sands, is huge with everything you can find in a (cluster) of typical shopping mall. Was fun to shop, but with our backpacks and not enuff sleep, we decided to head to our hotel to check-in instead.

bl00dsh0t eyes ang bor

a breeze

New bus system, Rapid (ok lah more rapid then rickety blue)

from QBM overlooking Penang bridge

It was with some apprehension when we checked-in. Not to say anything bad about Penang, but it is almost impossible to find a decently clean hotel within the range of $100. Even the most patronised hotels by SGreans are nothing but horrid messes. Therefore when I stepped into the refurbished lobby of Cititel, I was expecting the worst. Hey, it turned out ok. The room was spotless, though not tip-top modern. Everything about the place was in fact, quite decent.

Kate my new mate

With the speed of just a few dashes, I have a new best friend. Her name is Kate. The wonderful thing about her is that she is soft, silky and almost creamy.... Yet the side of her that stubbornly weathers rain and sweat appeals to me too.

No, I havent gone all lessy. Just that I recently discovered the wonders of Kate Spade eye-makeup. Humongoulicious gratitude to my sister-in-law who gifted them to me on her trip to Japan.

This love has been trialed and tested.

01 March, 2010

Lo & Lo

20th Feb 2010
Fengshan CNY Dinner @Fengshan CC

Me & Jane

guess wads inside >.<


28th Feb 2010
CNY last day & Beano's bdae @Paradise Inn Singapore Flyer


Master Lo-ah-Lo

act cute sia

wan play my camera sibo

nah! take lah take lah

pic with gugu

pic of shenshen

with gonggong

nobody can understand either of them

BTH the 2 of them

"woah! jin tired!"

For thee i will giveth my heart!

the Tourist