05 June, 2009

Love Locks

Did i mention i juz fell in love?

Was juz browsing in Wisma Isetan when i came across Laundry by Shelli Segal..
Out of the corner of my eye, a blue satin little cocktail dress winked at me... Unable to help myself, i tried it on... My oh my... It is perfect!
A look at the price-tag.. *gulp* $5xx...

Mr. Ng was very much amused at my excitement... He "hmmm...ed" a few times while i twirled around abit... Yeah i know.. it aint exactly the colour nor design for an ROM dress >.<
Reluctantly i changed out of it... Well... I can always get a tailor to remake a similar dress in yellow-satin with a few changes to make it more suitable for the occasion lor D:

Almost right on cue.. I received a call from Goldheart... Our bands are ready for collection.. The resizing of my ring only took 4 days as opposed from the 2 weeks they initially buffered.. Nice...

Andy & Rene Wedding Bands using 50D

Andy & Rene Wedding Bands using FX48

Despite the wedding band collection distraction, I couldnt get my mind off the dress.. Wonderful Mr. Ng caved in and said... "If by the end of our search, you cant find anything you like more, just get it lor... Anyway now is GSS mah..."

I sOoOoo LURVE you~!
BOTH of u! xD