09 June, 2009

Jiek Fen 999

By gosh, getting married really is a crazy affair.. And it starts from the moment you file for marriage!

We thought we were kiasu enough... Setting up a battle-station at his place, we logged in on desktop AND laptop, using TWO(2) separate connections.... Should be safe enough right?
About an hour before midnight, we already started keying in our details into the form fills.. so that they will be 'remembered' and we dont have to type from scratch during the actual filing at midnight..

By 2353, we were already refreshing the ROM main page.... At about 2356, the 'clock' on ROM's side suddenly switched to past the hour, and we literally frantically chiong-ahhhhhh..... filled in the application, aided by our 'shortcuts'.....

That's when the war started:
I clicked 'Submit'.... !@#$%^&*().. Kena 'Runtime Error'.... Die lah dieeee... Relog!
Yes! Dear's side successful submission.. Next select timing... Oh no not many time slots left... QUICK!! *Click*
*processing*... 'Slot Taken'.. aarrrrghhhhhh!
Dear re-selected slot, almost shouting.. :"3+ ok? ok????" Heart pounding, I nearly screamed back :"ok ok, anything! juz take!"
SUCCESS! *proceed to pay $*
Application confirmed 12:01AM.

Both of us needed a puff right after we checked and double checked the email acknowledgment and links from ROM... Phew!

Wa piang eh.
If we were just slightly later, we wouldnt have been able to get married on 9th Sep! Talk about kua zhang lor ._.

In any case, bobi bobi heng ah.. we managed to get a slot on our chosen date..
And like what Dear said... we'll be saying our "Ai Du"s and I will officially be Huang Tai Tai D: =)