11 May, 2009

The (not-so) Big Reveal

For weeks, I told him on the weekend of his bdae, we were gonna catch the sunrise and spend a relaxing weekend in a local hotel... However, on Saturday morning, i woke him up at 5am... Conversation went like this...

*ring ring riiinnnggg*... *Grouchy picked up*
Me: Dear wakey wakey.... we are late..
Him: *grunt* Huh? Orgh...
Me: Really lah.. you have 20mins to get ready.
Him: Har??! *snaps awake*
Me: Gimme a call when u pom finish.. bb.. *click*
25mins later...+ a sudden outpour of thunderstorm...
Him: ppom hao le *teeth chattering*....
Me: Ok, now grab your passport, check that u hv an extra set of clothes, then call me again..
Him: Passport?? Where r we going??
Me: *click*
10mins later... we were in the cab...
Me: *feeling a little lame* ok so im kidnapping u to KL for the weekend... *filled him in on some flight & hotel details*
Him: *eyes barely open, looking spaced-out* Uhh... im kinda blur now.. wait til i get my kopi-peng first...

got more tired one anot...

rain rain going away...

logging in to NS portal b4 takeoff

Msia Health Declaration


Upon exit at the LCCT arrival hall.. some touts were selling bus tixs to KL Sentral.. RM8/pax/way.. 50mins journey.. wa so cheap... ok onz.. xD
Parkroyal is juz next to Bukit Bintang monorail station.. so from KL Sentral, we hopped on to the monorail for a 10min ride to the hotel.

Aerobus from LCCT to KL Sentral

tio sniped

quick shot at KL Sentral

Bukit Bintang Monorail Station

We reached the hotel at ard 10am, and upon checking in at level 6 front desk, our room was already ready for us. Although the club rooms cater more for business travellers, it has a touch of sexiness and sleek masculinity.. me likesss...
We did our usual phototaking.. and went to the club lounge for tea juz after noon.. The cakes & sweets were timely to give me that boost to go.. shopping!

Parkroyal Lobby

Orchid Club Level 5

heard that pple do Yoga on this o.O

Orchid Club Room 513

room entrance

glass bathroom.. mmm.. sexy...

sink & tub partition

all the necessities u will need

from the bathroom looking out

fits even the biggest tush

getting connected

mirror mirror everywhere

sliding panel to hide either the TV or the closet

uhh... juz playing ard with macro

view of Berjaya Times Square from our room

tea-break at Orchid Club Lounge

sweet-tooth satisfied & ready to hit the shops

but Mr. Ng is still fiddling with his toy......

Headed to Sungei Wang, nothing much there.. only got a strap for my camera.. Then to Berjaya Times Square.... We still didnt manage to whack finish the whole 10 floors... But ended up with a new Levi's, a pair of couple tees, a short jacket for me, and some sorta filter lens that takes away reflection or the works ("circular polarizer filter", the Wise One said)..

i seriously hv no idea what that was for

making turd-shapes with his shake... brilliant

In the evening, we went back intending to juz plonk our stuff then head to Jalan Alor.. When we entered our room, it smelled lightly of lavender, the butler has already done the turn-down service.. The fruit platter was delivered.. together with some 'good nite' minty chocs... Room has been made up and toiletries and coffee topped up.... niceee...

For some reason, dear took out his psp and soon was vigorously battling dunnowhodunnowad... and..i.. i.. juz dozed off........ To be exact, i konked out... Vaguely i heard him say: "Dear u hungry ma? Wan go eat dinner must tell me huh?".. I think i muttered something in reply.... and then slept on until morning DDD:
Poor him! I was dead to the world & thus he had no dinner! But he said soon after i fell asleep he also bored himself to sleep... so.. not so bad lah =x

fruit platter

Parkroyal lavender-scented turn-down service

minty choc...


Next morning i woke up quite early at 6+ with a rude shock and the greatest sympathy for the still-sleeping one.... Made myself a few cuppas and sunk into a bubble bath xD
Woke him up at ard 8+ for breakfast... we didnt bother going down to the main cafe, instead we went to the club lounge again... It was pleasantly unoccupied, and the club staff that checked us in the previous day started showing us the breakfast selections, and coo-ed over us abit =P
We lazed around until check-out at 1pm, and before we went shopping again, we left our bags with the concierge, cuz it's no point lugging stuff around until our flight at night.

me with another nice Club staff

We roamed Lot10 and bought the lil' one some clothes, and then went to Low Yat to look at.. what else.. camera stuff & electronics... Scary lor.. that place is like the jam-packed SimLim of yesteryears.... He managed to get a compatible lens cap.. cos he wanted one "with strings" and the original Canon one doesnt have -.-
With plenty of time to roam around until dinner, we went in almost every big n small shopping center in that area... but not much shou huo DDD:

Cannot tahan liao... before 6pm we walked to Jalan Alor to whack the food liao... Dear like machiam steady liao lor.. nonid see menu one... See what he ordered for us 2...

grilled stingrays

yellow wine herbal chicken soup

bak kut teh (healthier version)

oyster omelette

sambal kangkong

the explosive aftermath

After collecting our 'luggage' (my A4 size sling bag & his laptop backpack) from the hotel concierge, we took the monorail to KL Sentral at 7+pm... Found the KLIA Ekspres counter and bought the tix... waddaya know.. There was a train juz about to leave at that very moment... w0ot..
We were quite impressed with the train... clean.. neat... spacious enuff... Saw quite a few ang mos & biz travelers pulling their luggages onboard the train too... I guess it's the best way to beat the KL traffic during these peak times....
In juz 28mins, we reached KLIA... and upon asking a couple of Abangs, we found the platform for the shuttle bus to LCCT for our flight back home.

KLIA Ekspres for 2

arriving at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)

directions to the shuttle bus

'Platform 10' shuttle bus to LCCT

hui jia liao~

waiting for the gate.. the gate...

There was abit of chaos during and after boarding... The departure gates didnt open until almost times up... and u can see alot of the 'red-passport-people' tsking and getting impatient.... When the gates opened... it's like 7th month lor.. pple rushing, uncles aunties ah-mas ah-gongs trying their best to chiong as fast as possible to the plane .___.
Seems like nobody obeyed the 1pc-handcarry rule.. It was getting late, tempers were short there were a few glares and muttered grumbles everytime someone with multiple handcarries and shopping bags jammed up the isle whilst trying to stuff everything into the overhead compartment... When finally all have settled down and the plane was taxi-ing out, the Flight Captain told us that the delay was due to LCCT having only ONE(1) runway, so we had to wait our turn... AND.. he sounded irritated LoL...
I was like O_O...... How could it be? It serves quite a lot more airlines than our silly little BTS, 1 runway can meh? Not dangerous meh? (Ookkk i watched toooo many Air Crash Investigations)
Anyway, we queued up and waited for 2 jumbos to takeoff, then 3 planes to land.. before it's our turn.. Though it was almost a half hour's delay... we still manage to land at 23:35, only 10mins later than scheduled... the Captain steady sia =X

I humbly admit that it was a very rushed getaway to a not-very-interesting choice of location... Initially i had thought about going Turi again, but with that beastly weather, we would juz be holed up in the hut, got sea also no use.....
So i chose a fastfastgo fastfastcomeback place, luckily Dear dun mind shopping one... I was really glad when on the 2nd day he woke up and told me with a sleepy smile... "I think that was the best sleep i had in a long while"....
THAT was worth it xD