20 May, 2009

Mama's Pics

So we had the belated Mother's Day dinner at Grand Copthorne's on 12th of May.. food was not bad, plenty of oysters, sashimi, lamb, beef, u name it.. desserts r superbly only for the sugar-addicts ._.v

Dear, his Mum, and the SIL flipping thru the album

his mum filling in his sis and the SIL on the history of each pic

i was too busy eating

couldnt n didnt get a decent shot of the lil' one.. hes either moving too fast.. or poked his head somewhere we cant see ._.

His Mum was extremely pleased with the album we've printed for her from My Photo Ideas.. It encompasses photos from when she was still a teen, until her recent grandmotherhood... *pat pat Dear* for a job well done xD... I'll try to get shots of the album if possible... She has been bringing it around for her temple-frens, karaoke-frens, opposite blocks aunties etcetc to see..

Soooo... though it was belated.. it was quite successful... and Dear's bro has already mentioned planning for Father's Day... seh o.o