11 April, 2007

My Man Utd. My Pride. My Joy

1st Leg: AS Roma 2 : Man Utd 1
2nd Leg: Man Utd 7 : AS Roma 1

Oh, sweet sWeEeT revenge!!

For those of you who watched in horror as Man Utd fans were brutally attacked, beatened, stabbed, and horribly bashed up by the Italian police last week during the 1st leg of the match between AS Roma and Man Utd, today's revenge never tasted so glorious, victory never felt so heavenly.

Images from Last Week's Match

The Italian police were seen relentlessly pummelling Man Utd fans as they lay injured. Any Man Utd supporter who tried to drag the injured away from the police's batons were mercilessly beatened as well. My heart ached as I watched the fans attempting to shield their heads from the rain of bashings. I was horrified. "Stop it! Enough!", my mind screamed. I felt such rage, such major R-A-G-E. Blood. There was blood everywhere.

Yes, it was determined there and then that, the 2nd leg of the match, at Old Trafford, will be the match of the decade. It would be a blood match. In our way. On our turf. On our terms.

Man Utd showed the Italians what soccer is, what it means, and how much their fans mean to them. It was a pure display of speed, skills, teamwork, tactics, and most of all, CLASS.

We dun aim to win free kicks from false attempts at fouls. We dun roll on the ground in the hope that the referee will grant the ball in our favour. We DON'T peel your flesh and aim to injure your spirit.

We brought our hearts and souls to the pitch and our brillance made you eat your heart out and go home with your tail between your legs.

Glory, Glory, Man Utd!

Check out ESPN's coverage of the match details.

I'm bursting with pride.

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