18 April, 2007

Fired Up for Craft!

I have a new hobby! Or i'm going to, anyway. Clay figurine modeling!

My darling is really really good at craft. He's made me wax anime figurines, clay photoframes, and the works. I've always felt guilty as my gifts to him are always not as personalised. But.. I suck big time at crafts! My art is horrible, and I have absolutely zilch creativity.

To make up for some of that, I've done 'extensive research' on clay modeling, particularly facial dimensions & sculpting, the numerous types of clay available, grounding the figurine, how to make sure the clay is bonded etc etc.

I've decided to make a clay humanoid of my dear in his firefighter suit, complete with the signature axe, hose, and fire hydrant. It helps that I have pictures of my dear in those gear, and he promised to pose for me in them if need be. My hero! heheheheh....

Us after shopping for supplies at Vive Creations & Art Friends.

Some of the supplies & tools that I will be using.

So... Good luck to myself! I'll keep the blog updated on my step-by-step progress..!