23 April, 2007

Coil, Foil, and Moi

Delays, laziness, and procrasination aside, I've finally done up the armature (skeleton) of the figurine! Whew!

To make the figurine more grounded and stable, the 'internal' of the figurine is made up of wires, and coiled roughly according to the shape of the the character. In my case; forming the head, body, arms, and boots.

Aluminium foil is then used to cover the wires, bulking up any areas that would require a solid surface. It is important to pack and compress the foil while doing so, to have a non-malleable area for claying later on. Foil will not burn under normal baking conditions, and it helps prevent any possible rusting of the coiled wires from coming into contact with the cured figurine.

yeah i know it looks very weird

Do not worry about the coil and foil not being the exact shape you want your figurine to be. That's what the clay is for! To mold and to fill in the areas of the armature. The armature itself is only a support structure.

Next up would be the fun, and yet most difficult part. Claying the figurine requires more patience and precision. I will be continuing with it as soon as I can.

Btw, thanks to my dear for helping out with some of the wire coiling :)))
Do visit his page for more updates on his Granado Espada figurine-sculpting progress.