27 August, 2007

Pink of Health?

Something I did today - went for my health check. Everything seems to be in working order :P.

Body Mass Index: 17.4 [<18.5, considered underweight]
Body Fat Analysis: 20.4% [norm = 17% - 24%]
Waist Hip Ratio: 0.70 [norm = < 0.8]
Pee tests: pH value 8 [can't really tell, but nurse said it's norm]
Blood Pressure: 111/67 [norm = <120/<80]
Blood Cholestorol: 177mg/dl [desirable = <200]
Blood Glucose: 87mg/dl [ desirable = <140]

Since my body fat is right smack in the normal range, it is concluded the low BMI might be due to me having bone density problems (further tests required). If not now, then as i A-G-E. Supplements are suggested...

Hmpf. Osteoporosis, here I come!