28 February, 2007

Visit to the Past

Received a call the other day from my class monitor of my Sec 4 days. It's the annual call during CNY that we get from him to visit our then Form Teacher. As some of my former classmates used to say amongst us, Zhonghui is our eternal class monitor hahahaha...

Though there's a group of classmates that regularly gather(annually, that is) for the visit to Mdm Wong's place (bless their hearts!), it was only 2 years ago that the class of Sec 4G 1994 had a formal gathering. It was kinda weird, not seeing them for so long, and yet, many of them haven't changed much. I bet we can still picture one another in that awful white school uniform hehehe.

Life takes you and whisk you away so fast. It has been 12 years since we were classmates. Some of them are married, some with kids, some living the high life, and some(me included) still fumbling our way ahead.

I remember dreading school, wishing I could fast forward myself and be a financially-independent adult. How I wish I could have that 12 years back! I wanna not worry about what to wear, finances, and the only major difficulty is to pass the exams.

It'll be great if the class could arrange another meet-up again this year. Don't wanna wait for another 10 years... Fingers crossed *wink*.