04 February, 2007

I wish... I wish... I am Hiro.

Been at the edge, of my seat this time, due to a somewhat frivolous pursuit.

"Heroes" has been causing quite a sensation since the series launched. I don't care what other fans or critics are saying. I have to-date, only watched 5 gripping episodes of it and, personally, i am quite fascinated. Not by the sci-fi part of it, not by Nathan's ability to fly like Superman, not by Suresh's dad's algorithms and theories, and surprisingly, ha!, not by the cheerleader's ability to self-heal each time her body got smashed to pulp.

It is not really any one of the characters. The closest it would get, would be Hiro, the geeko Japo, who could stop and reverse time, and teleport himself into the future, to another city etc etc. Imagine what we could and would do with this ability. Hohoho!

As lovable and comical as Hiro is in "Heroes" (I'm sure the pun is intentional), I am not interested in saving the world as he is. Hell, I can't even save my own skin! That is me, petite, utterly humanly mortal me speaking. If I were Hiro / a hero, maybe I would be so slightly more patriotic and righteous... keke...

If I have the powers to see into the future, to go back in time to change things, would I?

I would. In a heartbeat.

I would study much harder, party less, work harder, make proper plans instead of stumbling along, manage money better, recognise evil and that it has no reason, be more loving, be more patient, shut up before I say something I regret, eat healthier, and never started smoking.

I could still do many of these things without rebooting my life. But some things will just never be the same as if I had the sensibility of the repercussions.

Then again, I wouldn't have the same feelings or knowledge, be it good or bad, as I do now, if I had changed anything. Would it still be me? Am I wishing for a better me? Or am I wishing that I am not me, not what I have become, at all?

I'm rambling. Need to get some sleep. Blur the edges of reality a little.

Yours Supernaturally,