11 November, 2006

OhHh BeHavE!

If you read my previous entry, you will know that I do not wish to talk about relationship thingys on my blog. However, something happened in the past 2 days that I badly need to purge here or I'll literally puke...! Here it goes......

Almost two years ago........

Once upon a time, there was a couple who ended their relationship... The gal initiated it, stating the reason as she wanted to find someone who will be more suitable for marriage... However, she came back and asked for a reconciliation soon after... Her request was rejected, and the lives of the 2 unintended persons went on.... Fair enough... so far so good......

With the course of time………

Several things had happened by now:-
The guy in the story has someone new in his life, and is engaged to be married next year.
And his ex?
She is married and has a half-year-old son by her current husband.
All bright and cheery and happily ever after?
Not the least for one of them..............................

Two days ago.........

11.45pm. The guy received an sms from an unknown, yet somewhat familiar number, asking him about how is he doing etc… As he had recently changed a phone and did not transfer all of his contacts’ numbers, he replied to ask the sender who the person was. The sender replied with a seemingly miffed answer consisting of..:”.. you dunno who I am? Never mind….” Upon such, he called the sender back, but after a few tries, there was still no answer… The identity of the sender? Puzzling…. Yes, puzzling..…


After much thought, the guy had realized that the sms might have been from his ex. Before he had changed his phone, she still smsed him time to time to ask him to go to her place to fix her computer, and trifle information about anti-virus and such…. He either politely declined, or did not reply at all. Not that they have any grudge or so left over, for it was an mutually-agreeable split then. But,
A. She has a Diploma in IT, and should be able to solve the problems she cited, after some thinking, that is.
B. They did not maintain any sort of on-going friendship after they split, and if it was IT assistance she needed, there were other professionals able to render help, other than him, her ex-bf.
C. Her husband would probably not appreciate her ex, whom he has not met, being on the speed-dial for her never-ending IT problems, and invading his house when he was not around.

Oh yes, back to yesterday..
10.00pm. That still-unconfirmed number sent him a message telling him that she is thinking of him and asked him why his reaction was like it was…… AaAhhHhhh….. it IS her……………………….
Pissed off with her words, actions, and lack of guts to pick up the phone, he replied her sms, asking her :” Think of me for f***??! If you dunno how to be a proper wife, that is your own bloody problem. I have my own life and a wife to take care of. Dun ever bother me again with your irresponsible and pathetic state of mind.”


The guy in the story is my beloved fiancĂ©…. *guffaw*

Now for somemore background stories….
Sources revealed that my fiance’s ex’s marriage is down in the dumps. She got pregnant, and then married without any formal ceremony, and in that order. She is unhappy with everything about her life, except for her baby son, and wishes that she had not married at all.

My thoughts?

Well.. NOT that I am unsympathetic or a cold-hearted bitch….
I just do not think that I’m the bitch here… not this time…. Hahaha….
Actually, the above events and her actions would not affect me a single bit….. I know my husband-to-be…. Afterall, I’M the one he chooses to marry… *hiak hiak hiak hiak*

Just that……….. MAN!!!.... What is the world coming to??! Do some women have no self-respect to THIS extent?

Granted that there are ups and downs in everyone’s lives, and sometimes we do things that we later on regret….. But…. Gawd! She has a baby son, and she knows he is engaged…. What the hell was she thinking?!!

Is this just a simple case of sour grapes with our newly-anointed mum?
Or is it the uncovering of our social and moral degradation?

You know what?

I do not care….. =)))))
I feel much mUcH better after this purging session………………… and…. I am absolutely starved for food now….

Going for dinner with my fiancĂ©…..
Anyone care to join us?