08 November, 2006


Prior to this, I had made a couple of pathetic attempts of trying my hands at the world of blogging. Oh yes sir, I would like a blog too! But...... what should I log in it??

Surfed around randomly to seek inspirations/copy ideas from others' blogs...... oHhh-kay..... now I know what I do not want my blog to be....

No incessant daily ramblings of where I have been, what I have done, who I have met, and what I have eaten....
No repetitive pics of me taken in lifts, or toilets of various establishments/clubs/shopping malls....
No sad / happy tales of relationship ups and downs… I prefer sharing them in real person, should I share them, that is….. No cyber-sharing on that, thank you.
No grammatically-perfect essays on ideologies or political-'bashing', as, for truth be told, I simply do not care for it (Therefore, offsprings of our leaders/whoever else this applies to, ye have nothing to slam here.. Kindly hit the 'close' button should my shallowness offend ye..).

What should I blog then?

I cannot be bothered to, nor do I want to, consume a good part of my nights summarizing what went on in my life and in my head. There is always CSI and Discovery Channel, ya noe?


Let this be just another haphazard shot at dictating little bits and pieces of my random thoughts, and of course, uploading pics that my dear ones care for me to share.

I wonder when my next entry will be?