02 March, 2009

Nothing much to Muarck about

Dear's mum jio-ed us to take a one-day trip to Muar with her, along with many uncle & auntie frens of hers. Oh well.. hmm Muar... google says it has alot of good food.. so 6am and off we go~

the coach we spent most of our time in =p

dear's mum and her always-bu-jian fren lol

First "hmm-im-not-so-sure" Oprah moment was when the tourguide boarded at jb checkpoint. Although she's as loud as a toad, nobody could make out what she's talking about. Croaking voice, questionable microphone 'skills', and lame "what-u-toking" jokes that even the aunties find a pain. Well, nvm about her, we thought, the day is young & we r all hungry for breakfast. We stopped for makan somewhere (forgot name)... and seems like the whole world is out for a one-day trip too... endless coaches stopped for breakfast after us with hordes of chatty uncles & aunties.

After dropping us at some YoYo brand local delights place for the aunties to scatter their ringgits, we arrived at a temple in Batu Pahat (or was that Yong Peng? nvm..). The other folks went to pray while me and dear seeked shelter and cam-whored..

he claims that's a 'scholar's pose'...

he can actually talk like that =.=

Next stop was some temple & fishing area at the end of another series of ulu windings, and the folks got their chances to 'touch-fish'... as in.. go some pond thingy and touch the fishes there for luck... We dont really know much cuz we uhh.. stayed outside again ._.

pretty much my sentiments too, honey

After lunch, we are finally going Muar, or so we thought. Ended up, the only Muar soil we stepped on, was that small plot of land outside some temple again. There were some stalls selling beads & stuff, coconuts, and durians outside.. so dear and I had some coconut to chill off (did I mention that it was a horribly unbelievably hot day, and it was my first coconut ever? hurhur).. When his mum was done with her prayers, me & her bought some crystal bracelets, and they makaned some durians.

Another long ride later, we arrived at "Long Cheng" (i suppose it's Dragon City, or something)... Big-hole tour guide called it a 'shopping center'... but it's juz a darn building with the existence of only one shop, which of course, it's local delights again. Bought some frozen otak-otak, breadcrumb otak-otak, for ourselves and one of dear's colleague. Dinner came and went, and then it was time to head home.

According to dear's calculations, from 6am til dinner time 6pm, we spent less than 3hours outside the coach, the rest was in the coach watching palm tree plantations pass by.
We've never taken this kinda one-day trip to Msia.. so we were kinda expecting us to zoom to Muar when they tell us Muar day-tour lol..
Dear said at the end of the day he still doesnt know where he's been and what is Muar like.. so he is very buay gam buan and wanna go back to Muar sometime without a tourgroup... I told him.. "as much as i love u.. you r on your own about that, seriously."
It aint that bad, if you consider that we seldom get to spend one whole day with our parents nowadays.. But yeah, we both agreed that we will rather take the 10-12 hour journey to Penang, than another of this muarcks experience ;)