28 February, 2009

Bangkok - Too Much to See, Too Little Time

Took a short trip to BKK during my birthday. All expenses paid by His Highness "Juz-Take" xD.

Only managed to cover Pratunam/Siam area... MBK, Central Mall, Platinum Mall, street stalls along every lane etc... and of course, Naraya madness hurhur~... No chatuchak and riverside? Well.. probably end of this year when dear's course is over.

A couple of days after we returned, BKK broke out in chaos... bombs, airport closures, and the works... was counting my lucky stars we were not caught in any of it *phew*..

Anyways.. some pics to share.. not much tho.. legs were walked bare and hands were laden with parcels most of the time. Sweet!

a bemused dear at the sparsely furnished BTS

a really smiiill plane

the uhh.. departure gate

we'r off~


all new but already under-capacity Suvarnabhumi Airport


naraya for the 1 yr old

eat where the locals eat: pork blood cubes - absence makes the stomach go hungrier.

Mr. DunMakeMeDoThis at one of the endless streetstalls ;)

glass coke, Thai style

bo cheng hu after 930pm at the MBK bridge.. fakeys for sale, with hip hop kids yo-yo-ing


only wanted to look like a couple, but ended up looking like locals ._.

Until next time then...