03 December, 2007

Cold Cold Winter

I'm having a terrible cold now. Just can't stop sneezing, practically waking up the whole neighbourhood when I had my bouts a few minutes ago. The Niagara Falls make the inside of my nose hurt terribly, my nose-bridge (whatever bit there is) throb constantly, and my ears StuffTFU.

Dear came by earlier this evening and commented that I should put on more/warmer clothes (Im wearing a tank top w/shorts). I was like.. zzz... a cold isnt neccesarily due to being c-o-l-d.... A-n-y-w-a-y... Cant even kiss him gdbye cos I dun wanna spread the nasty little germs to him. He's having an exam tomoro.. erm.. today. And I totally agree, studying is a pain, no matter what age you are.

Surfing for some recipes to incite my other senses... Prolly will make some cookies, choc chip agn?, soon. Not now though. Sticky chewy choc chip is not in my list at the moment, thank you.

Will check in when I feel less lousy.