01 October, 2007

Coming & Going

What a weird day I had today. I saw a life being taken away, and welcomed a new life into this world.

We were woken up at 6am by Dear's mum, with the news that his sis-in-law has gone into labour. Later on in the day as I was on my way to Dear's place, I witness death for the 2nd time in my life. A couple of cats were playing with their litter in the carpark. For some reason, one of the cat leaped across the carpark as a red car was speeding across. In that split second, there was a thud, the car seemed to hit the cat across its body in midair, and it disappeared beneath the car.

I turned around, and it was lying motionless on the ground, the car was no longer in sight. I was shocked immobile. I stood there with my mouth open. The poor thing started convulsing vigorously as a stream of cars stopped, seeing the 'obstruction' on the road. An uncle on a bicycle alighted and went towards the cat. I couldnt look. I kept on walking. The images stuck to my mind. Of it disappearing under the wheels, of it reappearing many metres behind, of remembering there was no blood, of hearing the thud, the damn dreaded thud.

I wish now that I had gone to help the cat. Though there is probably nothing I can do, and I don't even know SPCA's number, I shouldn't have walked on. I may not like strays, but I witness an agonising moment and did nothing. Im so ashamed. It saddens me.

We set off for Gleneagles soon after I reached Dear's place. His sister-in-law had given birth to a healthy, rosy, huge 3.8kg baby boy. With his thick head of hair and pouty lips, he is so adorable. He loves to be carried and cooed at. When u put him down in his crib, he makes protesting noises, but stops as soon as he is picked up again.

He is such a bundle of joy. As I look at him drifting in and out of sleep, and the other womenfolk chatted on about babies and childbirth, my heart still felt heavy, but not as bad as before.

little cutiepie

What message was God trying to send me, by allowing me to witness life's 2 most fragile moments in a matter of hours? I still don't know.

Just that it left a bitter-sweet note words can't describe.